Cucumber Cabbage Slaw (No Mayo, Sugar-Free, Vegan)


Coleslaw comes in many forms, but perhaps the most ubiquitous is the cabbage/carrot/mayonnaise concoction so commonly sold in grocery stores. It seems to be an omnipresent staple among spring picnics and summer barbecues, lurking in round plastic containers between the chips and potato salad, with thick white sauce camouflaging the few vegetables inside . While some folks love that white, mayo-laden side dish, I personally cannot stand it. In my mind, too much mayo = a whole lotta yuck. So when I got a beautiful head of cabbage in my CSA box, I put myself to the challenge of creating a no-mayo, sugar-free slaw that was still packed with flavor.

Cucumber Cabbage Slaw (No Mayo, Sugar-Free, Vegan)  // Naturally Lindsey

I used creamy avocado and nutritious cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil to create the thick, fatty flavors of the mayonnaise. Toasted sesame oil adds great depth to the sauce while lemon gives it just the right amount of pop. Add in some salt and pepper, and it’s light, crisp, tangy slaw perfection. I like my sauce thinner so I only used half an avocado, but if you like yours a bit thicker just use the whole thing instead.

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Cheap Eats: Zesty Tuna and Spinach Salad

I’ve always been a tuna kid. Tuna melts, tuna sandwiches, tuna helper – I had it all and ate it all. But since going gluten- and dairy-free, I’ve had to rethink the way I eat tuna. In this fast and fresh recipe I replaced the mayo with hummus, nixing the bread and cheese for a bed of vitamin-rich spinach topped with cherry tomatoes and fresh salsa. Cucumber slices cool things off and make for easy dipping. All in all, this recipe takes about 5 minutes to prepare and serves two people. Cheap, healthy, and easy. Who says eating well has to be hard?

This recipe is:
• Gluten-free (check your hummus!)
• Dairy-free
• Soy-free
• Nut-free
• Refined sugar-free
• Paleo

Cheap Eats: Zesty Tuna and Spinach Salad // Naturally Lindsey

Zesty Tuna and Spinach Salad

• 1 can solid white albacore tuna in water
• 2 tablespoons spicy hummus
• 1 cup baby spinach
• 1/2 small cucumber, sliced
• handful of cherry tomatoes, sliced in half
• fresh salsa

1. In a small bowl, combine tuna and hummus. Mix well.
2. Place half a cup of spinach in a bowl and top with half of the tuna mixture. Serve with cucumber slices, tomatoes, and a heaping spoonful of salsa. Repeat with the rest of the spinach and tuna in a second bowl. Serve and enjoy.

edit: This post is part of The Nourishing Gourmet’s Pennywise Platter Thursdays