Workout Wednesday 3/26/14

It’s that time again: Workout Wednesday! This week’s video comes to you  as a little reminder that bikini season is around the corner. Now, I’m not one of those people who’s like “omg bikini season let’s not eat anything and go to the gym twice a day and live off of energy drinks and celery” — why? Because that’s stupid. However, I am a realist and I know that there will be events in the future that call for a bathing suit, and I know that there are things you can do to look and feel great about those moments. For me, toning my tush is one of them.

Workout Wednesday 3/26/14 // Naturally Lindsey

I tend to carry more weight in my butt and thighs; there’s not much I can do about that. However, what I can do is make sure that those areas are tight and toned to prevent saddlebags, cellulite, etc. Enter this video. It’s a booty worker. Keaira LaShae knows her stuff. Every single move targets your butt, thighs, and glutes to build a better booty while toning and lifting in the process. Your legs will be shaking. Your butt might cramp. And you’re definitely going to be sore. But let’s be honest — whether you’re going to be walking around in a bathing suit or not (this goes for you too, gentlemen), one truth remains: everyone appreciates a good butt.

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Workout Wednesday 3/19/14

Happy Wednesday! This week’s workout is actually a new one for me; I did it over the weekend and I loved it. It’s very effective and super easy to do at home. The BeFit Go: 20 Min Total Body Toning Workout video combines cardio, strength training, and body weight exercises for a quick yet complete full-body workout. Plus it’s only 20 minutes AND it managed to make my inner thighs sore, which is quite a feat!

BeFit GO 20 Min Total Body Toning

The video calls for weights and a kettlebell, but if you don’t have a kettlebell you can just use one of the dumbbells instead. They give you a couple rests between sets, but I jogged in place during that time to keep my heart rate up instead. This is by no means necessary — do whatever works for you! There are quite a few deep squats (probably why my thighs were so sore), so be sure to use proper form to avoid injury: keep your back straight, butt tucked, abs tight, and make sure your knees don’t go over your toes. I find it’s helpful to do this in front of the mirror a few times to create some muscle memory before you start.

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Workout Wednesday 3/12/14

Hello and welcome to Workout Wednesday! Each week I’m going to post a FREE workout video that you can try for yourself at home. You may not know this, but I’m a huge fan of workout videos. In fact I lost almost 40 lbs without ever setting foot in a gym! Jillian Michaels’ videos were some of my go-tos during my weight loss journey, and this week’s video was one that I used often as I progressed further into my fitness routine.

Workout Wednesday 3/12/14

This video is slightly longer and more challenging than many of the workouts I’ll post, but it’s worth it. As with many of Jillian’s other programs, she combines various exercises to form effective cardio strength training circuits that help you shed fat while sculpting your whole body from head to toe. This video has seven sets, so prepare to sweat (and be sore tomorrow)!

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